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In Home Euthanasia

Deciding that it’s time to put down your beloved companion after years of friendship and unconditional love,is never easy. Unfortunately, however, euthanasia is often the best choice, both for yourself and your pet.

While it’s an extremely difficult decision to make, here’s what you need to know about considering euthanasia:


Considering Euthanasia

If your pet becomes ill, or something is found during a routine check-up, Dr. Keith Gordon will be able to advise you about your pet’s health. Often, we will be able to help your pet get better, but this may not always be the case. There will be a time in all our lives when there is no hope and no quality of life left.

People always ask us, How will I know? When the is the right time you will know. Since pets are our family everyone is suffering.


What to expect

We will begin the procedure by explaining what is going to happen, addressing any questions, and making sure you are comfortable with the situation. It is an extremely emotional time, and we want to make sure you are informed and ready.

You do not have to be with your pet as they are euthanized, but we find that many people prefer to spend their pet’s last moments with them. If possible, we are happy to let you hold your pet as they fall asleep.

We will painlessly inject a solution into your pet, All he or she will feel will be one shot, No different then a routine injection or a routine blood work.. This shot will put your pet under total anesthesia.

They will no longer have any pain or know that your are there.

Once they are under anesthesia, Dr. Gordon will administer another shot that will stop the heart. We often advise family members that it is not necessary to be there to watch this moment, since your loved one does not know you are there anymore. Of course, you are welcome to watch if you desire.You do need to think about what you want to do with your loved ones body. We are affiliated with Abbey Glenn a well respected crematory here in NJ. They offer group cremation, individual cremation and have a Pet cemetery too.


In the Comfort of Your Own Home

More than any other service we provide, we believe it is very humane for a pet to be euthanized in the comfort of there own home, surrounded by those who love him/her and in a safe familiar surrounding

If your pet is very sick, or in a great deal of pain, it will also relieve them of suffering in a car ride.


Emotional Support

We personally understand how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet, who is family member. It doesn’t matter if you have gone through this experience before, it never gets easier.


If your pet is sick, just needs a routine check up, or you wish to discuss euthanasia further, please call (908) 322-2649. We will be happy to assist you with this, or any other veterinary services.

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