Personalized Veterinary Care for Pets in Their Own Environment

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Mobile Vet for Routine and Emergency Veterinarian Services


Give your pet the quality care it deserves in the comfort of its own home. At House Calls for Pets, we travel to your location to provide a full range of routine pet care services. Contact us today to learn more about us and our services, or call (908) 322-2649.



In-Home Pet Care Services:



Dr. Gordon determines what is wrong with your pet and the necessary


–Wellness Care

Wellness care is a routine vet check to make sure your pet is well. We
can give shots during this appointment.



Dr. Gordon checks any specific worries about your pet.



Vaccinations are available for rabies, Lyme disease, and other illnesses.


–Post-Op Care

We provide pet care as needed after an operation.


–Hospice Care

We provide treatments, medication, and anything necessary to keep your pet comfortable during illness and
up through the end.



Dr. Gordon can put your pet to sleep in the comfort of your loving and caring home. We also offer emotional
support to your family during this time. We provide a pain-free technique for euthanasia.Call (908) 322-2649 for veterinary services in  Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.



Call (908) 322-2649 for veterinary services in
Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Union County & Sourrounding Areas

Call 908-322-2649

Hours of Operation:
9:00 a.m.–8:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.